The Aveiro International Artistic Ceramics Biennial is one of the most relevant cultural events in Portugal and internationally, within the scope of artistic ceramics production. In this edition, 915 works from 63 countries all over the globe. Eighty-four sculptures were selected to take part in the exhibition this year. They reflect the diversity in the artists’ approaches to techniques, materials, forms and concepts and simultaneously express the different geographies, resulting in experimentation, innovation and creativity in ceramics.

Reflections is one of the selected works for this edition, offering a space for reflection on observing and being observed. We live in a consumer society that enacts beauty canons and promotes valuing people based on their physical appearance instead of their personal qualities. For this reason, the installation uses as constructive elements different cosmetic containers that promise to improve us and show a better version. The saturation aspect and the moiré effect refer to the accumulation of distorted gazes, which could affect behaviour and self-acceptance. The work tries to make visible this problem that has worsened in the pandemic period due to isolation or the increased use of cameras in video calls. Accepting the image of oneself, reflected in the mirror, is a process that includes reflection on human values.

The participation has been sponsored by Ramon Llull Institute.

On view until Jan. 28 at Museo de Aveiro/Santa Joana (Aveiro, Portugal).
Check the program here.

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