China’s white porcelain is popular in Europe for its traits of white as snow, bright as mirror, thin as paper, and sound like chime stone. It was named by the French as Blanc de Chine, namely China White, known as the best of Chinese porcelain.

The Blanc de Chine International Ceramic Art Award (ICAA) has been held since 2017 to safeguard and carry forward this splendid history, promote the international exchange of contemporary ceramic art, and give impetus to the integrative and innovative development of ceramic art and contemporary art.

Inner Light is taking part in the Blanc de Chine 3rd edition. This piece comprises 116 replicas of cosmetic containers, each featuring a perforated surface and an illuminating red light bulb within. In environments with minimal ambient illumination or complete darkness, the translucency of the porcelain becomes apparent, revealing intricate patterns created by the perforations. The supporting structure, precisely sized to cage the artist’s body, constructs a metaphor. It draws attention to the excessive use of cosmetics, their potential impact on the human body, and the importance of finding a way to shine our inner light. Through this thought-provoking creation, the artist invites the public to reflect on the relationship between external adornment and internal luminosity.

The participation has been sponsored by Ramon Llull Institute.

On view until Feb. 29 at Windland Center (Hangzhou, China).
Read an article for Blanc de Chine about my work here.

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