Do you believe in miracles?

Screen-printed decals on porcelain and thread
Variable dimensions

The installation begins with assembled replicas of two cosmetic containers. All pieces undergo a transformative journey, shedding their original aesthetic and purpose. The initial information, laid on their surfaces, was removed and replaced by the meaning of the word “miracle” from the Cambridge Dictionary. Through the process of reconfiguration and decontextualization, the text transcends its workaday origins, ascending into a realm of poetry. The public is encouraged to discern the rhythm, sequence, and essence of the words within this newly formed composition. This procedure of extraction and recombination breathes new life into the terms, opening up possibilities for individual interpretation about awaited “miracles”.

Do you believe in miracles? (2024) was produced during a residency program at Shangyu Celadon Modern International Ceramic Center (Shaoxing, China), and became part of the Shangyu Museum Collection.

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