Common gaze

Screen-printed decals on porcelain
Variable dimensions

The installation delves into the complex dynamics of observing and being observed and the constant preoccupation with conforming to societal beauty standards and fitting in. The fragmented eyes symbolize the multitude of gazes received and intersected with one another. The use of screen-printed transfers allows manipulation and varies the fragmentation across different elements, yielding a visual outcome that encapsulates this concept.

Some of the individual pieces have, on their surfaces, a kind of drawing that reminds of a fingerprint or the growth rings of trees. Metaphorically, this fact refers to personal traits which disappear when they become part of more complex structures.

Common gaze (2024) was produced during a residency program at Shangyu Celadon Modern International Ceramic Center (Shaoxing, China), and became part of the Shangyu Museum Collection

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